Non-Member Deems General Conference, “Worst Open Mic Night Ever”

KSL received this letter from a troubled non-member last week, with no return address. If you have a knowledge of its author, please contact us immediately so we can send them a fruit basket.


To whomever it may concern,

I am writing this letter of complaint in response to the program that you aired ALL WEEKEND LONG, beginning October 4th. I am new to Utah and am unfamiliar with its culture, but that General Comedy or whatever it is called was the worst open mic ever. Normally when something as unfunny as that program comes on I just shut off the television and leave. Unfortunately, I have recently been injured and was stuck in my La-Z-Boy all week.

Apparently the basic channels in Utah have signed an agreement not to play entertaining media. I was forced to spend all weekend flipping back and forth between General Comedy, Shaggy the Dog, The Andy Griffith Show, and various commercials about nonperishable foods. It will not stand. 

Given the opportunity I think I would have rather spent the weekend at Guantanamo Bay during the Bush administration. I will give General Comedy its due – they did tell some interesting stories from time to time. However, all the jokes that the audience found entertaining went completely over my head, or underneath my humor threshold. A German man made some crack about an airplane that had the audience wetting themselves with laughter, which left me scratching my head.

Then, some white lawyer greeted everyone in Spanish, getting another roar out of the crowd. Maybe this is all because I am new to Utah but the most entertaining thing of that weekend was watching BYU lose to some other team – I don’t even remember who they were. I would kindly ask that KSL consider broadening its range of programs to include something a bit more entertaining. If this open mic “weekend” is something I can expect to happen regularly, I will not be pleased. I am willing, at this point, to settle for the Oprah Winfrey show or even reruns of MASH or I Love Lucy,

Sincerely perplexed, annoyed, and aggrieved,

Jim Fletcher

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