New Surveys Shed Light on Mormons, Pornography, Church Attendance, Happiness, and More

Recently, the Austin Institute for The Study of Family and Culture released the results of surveys which delved into many facets of American culture and religion. Topics like pornography use, cohabitation, pre-marital sex, belief in an afterlife, and church attendance are all discussed as they related to religious affiliation, marital status, and education.

Here are some of the most interesting stats garnered from this survey:

Mormons account for about 2% of the U.S. Population


Mormons have over 80% weekly church attendance rates


There are about 105 women per 100 men in the Mormon Religion


Mormons reported the highest rate of belief in a conscious afterlife at 98%


Of those Mormons who attend church 3+ weeks per month, 14% of men & 3% of women report recently viewing pornography, the lowest of any surveyed religion


Only 14% of active Mormons report having pre-marital sex, the lowest of any surveyed religion


To read more of their published results, download the PDF below

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