Until We Meet Again at General Conference


The anticipation the week or two leading up to general conference is always so exciting for me. I think of staying in my PJs, eating yummy food, little quick naps between speakers, and my heart begins to race in excitement of a change in my Sunday routine.

While it is exciting to watch inspiring messages in the comfort of my home and PJs, in all seriousness the weeks before I usually feel my heart leap in excitement because my soul needs the messages so expertly and prayerfully crafted for millions of people to hear.

During the weeks prior to conference I have noticed that I am often more quick to frustration, anger, and other forms of negative thoughts and feelings. It usually dawns on me, as I settle onto the couch during the start of conference, that I really need a spiritual reboot.

When Conference Arrives

The weekend of general conference is a spiritual reboot and has so much goodness all crammed into a two-day period. As the Sunday afternoon session comes to a close, I always feel so edified, but also sad that conference is already finished. I always mentally commit to take the time to listen to and study the talks again in the weeks after conference. However, I rarely do.

Life becomes busy, and the messages and feelings often quickly fade during the six months between conference sessions.

As I have pondered the messages from this conference session, I have decided to challenge myself to incorporate a conference talk into my life each day or each week. I know by keeping the messages fresh in my mind I will have the spirit close beside me, and will be more patient and loving in my marriage and family life.

Part of Your Life 

Here are 10 ways to incorporate general conference talks into your life for the next six months until we meet again to hear more uplifting messages:

  1. Listen to a conference talk each morning while you get ready for the day.
  2. Listen to a talk while you prepare a meal.
  3. Read a talk while you wait in line at a store.
  4. Take a minute away from social media and read a conference talk instead.
  5. Scour Twitter or Pinterest for popular quotes from the talks. Print/write them and put them somewhere you can read them every day.
  6. Prepare family home evening lessons around a conference talk.
  7. If you are having a hard time focusing in sacrament meeting, or other church meetings, and feel the need to pull out your phone, pull up a conference talk.
  8. Can’t sleep? Read a talk on your phone!
  9. If you are reading your scriptures by topic, use a conference talk as supplemental study material.
  10. Hoping to share the gospel or serve someone in need? Choose a talk and pull a quote or important message out and write it out and leave it with a treat at their door.

How do you keep the conference messages in your heart? How will you fill the next six months with inspiration and spiritual peace? And how will you keep your mind, spirit, and heart in tune with the messages you have heard over this past weekend?

The challenge starts tomorrow, the day after conference. I hope you’ll join me.

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