How To Be Single and Own it on February 14th

How to be single and own it on February 14th

So you’re single on Valentine’s Day? Looks like we’re in the same boat. Here are some suggestions on how to relish your single life!!

Buy yourself a teddy bear to cuddle with. 

You’re single and need a hug. The teddy bear can’t reject you. If that’s weird because it has a face, get a body pillow. It’s not human but it does the trick.

Buy yourself a heart shaped pizza. 

Pizza is delicious, as we have previously stated. Since you’re single no one can judge you for eating the whole thing in one sitting. Plus… it’s a heart. Who doesn’t love that?

Watch PS. I love you. 

You’re going to be crying anyway, might as well do it while watching hot Scottish men. And if that doesn’t appeal to you.. well you’re single so you can’t be too picky.

Netflix. Always choose Netflix. 

There are hundreds of movies and shows that you can sit and watch all day. Do it. Alone.

Read a book. 

If you’re going to be alone, get lost in the world of your favorite fictional characters. I will be enjoying the sweet sass of Mr. Darcy this Valentine’s.

Read The Fault In Our Stars. 

Its perfect. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Or read anything by John Green for that matter. His mind is a puzzle that comes together in His novels.

Always be reading Harry Potter. 

Just like you’re supposed to be reading your scriptures everyday, you should also be immersed in one of the books at all times. You can never go wrong in the wizarding world.

Buy yourself some cookie dough. 

Nobody will know if you don’t actually cook it.. because single.

Pin all of the cats you hope to own one day. 

Cats. Dogs. Animals. They will love you more than any human. And they cuddle with you no questions asked.

Find out all the things you can do with your cat. 

This probably won’t be your last Valentine’s Day alone, so start investing in cat accessories.

Who doesn’t love trying on dresses. 

Go try on a wedding dress and hope and pray that someday you’ll have a reason to wear it.

Facials. Even men need nice skin.

Ladies, who doesn’t find it exhilarating to feel that fresh skin again? Beautiful right? Men, try it. No better time to throw some green clay on you’re face than while everyone is out getting closer to an eternal marriage.

Focus on you! 

Being alone can often be therapeutic and exactly what you need when you’re feeling desperate or depressed. I often go and do hobbies that I normally wouldn’t have time for. Go on a hike! Be adventurous and make sure you are surrounding yourself in things YOU love to do.

Be active! 

You are not the only single today. Remember that a lot of your friends are in the same boat you are! Go do something adventurous! Play some sports and remember that idle hands are the devils best friends! Don’t sit at home being bummed! You will feel more upset being cooped up getting lost in your own thoughts! So go out and surround yourself with people that love you!!

Being single is not a grief. It’s just a way of life. Embrace it. Just think, you can flirt. Or be like me and just awkwardly stand there thinking about all those cats you pinned earlier.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to the Found Animals Foundation for the photo!

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