Hastening The Work Leads to Health Concerns in Wards


During the Fall 2012 General Conference, Thomas S. Monson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, announced a change in the age requirements for men and women to serve missions. That announcement was the catalyst for the calling of over 30,000 new missionaries, and the formation of many new missions.

With the calling of new missionaries has come growth in the number of new members joining the church, wards being created, and callings being given. Michael T. Dacket, spokesperson for the church, said, “With all these new members comes the opportunity to extend new callings and opportunities of fellowship.” Dacket continued by saying, “New callings are associated with an announcement and sustaining vote by wards and branches during the business portion of sacrament meeting.” When new callings are announced, the members of an LDS ward will generally turn and crane their necks to view the member, old or new, that is getting a new calling or being welcomed to the ward. This has been the cause of some discussion among the brethren.

Elder Russell M. Nelson of the twelve apostles, and formerly a world-renowned heart surgeon, stated plainly, “While we are ecstatic to welcome new members and sustain the callings given to our ward family members, we must ask that the membership of the church start ‘refraining from craning‘.” Elder Nelson expounded by explaining the complex anatomy of the neck and the medical issues associated with the constant stress put on necks that are being bent at awkward angles to glimpse and gawk at members as they stand.

“Brothers and Sisters”, continued Nelson, “it is not expedient that the entire ward rotate their bodies and skew their necks to see those who are asked to stand.” The rise of essential oils being used for injured or strained necks has risen to alarming levels. The scent of peppermint is permeating many of the wards and branches throughout all the church, because peppermint oil is said to be a great way to relax neck muscles.

Nelson ended his remarks by saying, “I promise you, brothers and sisters, those members who stand and are welcomed or sustained will still be at church following the meeting. If the worry becomes too much, might I suggest some lavender essential oils? It does wonders for me!”


*Elder Nelson is an independent essential oils consultant and didn’t receive compensation for his advice

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