If Book of Mormon Characters Were Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

The Book of Mormon began it’s story in 600 BC, a short 1600 years before Hogwarts was founded. Even thought Godric Gryffindor, Rowen Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin had yet to be even thought of, it is fairly easy to look at their preferred students and sort the people of the BOM into houses.

For those who can’t remember the qualities sought after by each house, here’s the low-down:

Gryffindor- Brave, chivalrous, and daring. 

Ravenclaw- Intelligent, witty, and studious.

Hufflepuff- Loyal, kind, and good friends. 

Slytherin- Clever, Cunning, and Ambitious. 

Now that we have an idea of what each house prizes, let the sorting begin!

Nephi- Gryffindor

Nephi is someone every Mormon kids grows up trying to be like. If Nephi slipped on the sorting hat, there is no question which house he would be sorted into. I mean, not only did he display courage and bravery in the face of much tribulation, but he also opens the Book of Nephi by describing himself as swole (large in stature). No Hufflepuff would have described themselves that way, or been able to stand up to their elder brothers while they were beating them with sticks.

Sam- Hufflepuff

Even though Sam was older than Nephi, he didn’t play a huge role in the scriptures. He mostly just stood by Nephi and supported him through all the crap he was going through. He was righteous, but more important to the sorting hat was his loyalty to Nephi. Sam is obviously the first Hufflepuff we meet in the Book of Mormon.

Laman- Slytherin

Everyone always gives the Slytherins a bad name because of all the dark wizards that came out of their house. In all honesty, they have some great characteristics. Not only are they cunning, they also understand how self-preservation works (because seven horcruxes ISN’T overdoing it). Even though Laman was obviously a jerk face, he was very much concerned about his family’s welfare. His cunning and ambition were what would have settled him into Slytherin House.

Lemuel- Slytherin

He’s LITERALLY just Crabbe and Goyle rolled into one. SLYTHERIN

Jacob- Ravenclaw

Now, one might think Jacob would belong in Gryffindor because of his pure nerve and no BS attitude in calling out all the sinners in the temple. I think the sorting hat would certainly consider that possibility. However, Jacob was also a scriptorian and scholar. I mean, the guy spent an entire CHAPER teaching a very deep and complicated allegory and expounding other doctrines. This was one smart cookie. He used his knowledge to teach others, and that’s why he belongs in Ravenclaw House.

More sortings to come. Which house would you be sorted into? Tell us in the comments!

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