You Can Now #ShareGoodness With GIFs on Facebook

Since we are all very aware that the internet was created so we could do missionary work across the globe, it’s no surprise that all the new innovations we see can be used to hasten the work. We recently covered how the new emojis can help you share more goodness, but Facebook has just updated their site allow for something amazing to happen.


Yes, you read that correctly. GIFs are now more natural on Facebook. They show up as big images and not just as links. The ability to #sharegoodness has never been easier. We decided to compile a few examples for you to see how GIFs are the future of missionary work.


When you need to describe to an investigator how much fun stake dances are.

When a sister is trying to be a good visiting teacher, Relief Society President, student, mom, and new wife and just need to calm down

When you’re trying to explain that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet and they ask to see the “fruits” of his position

When you’re talking about that time “On My Mission”

Or when you’re discussing how the word of wisdom does NOT prohibit diet coke

When you want to share how awesome the Book of Mormon is

Like when you talk about the roles of bishops and how cool they are

And finally a GIF to send someone when they choose to the accept the gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives

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