Top 5 Reasons to Do Sealings as a Single

I have never been married, and I only began attending proxy sealing sessions because I was assigned to as a temple worker.  Many single people find doing sealings awkward, possibly because the other patron is often a generation or two older.  One thing that helps alleviate that awkwardness (for me, anyway) is to remember that it’s proxy work, so you are acting on behalf of someone else. Hopefully this list will help all you singletons appreciate the opportunity to participate in sealing sessions once you have been endowed.

They’re Shorter

An endowment session averages about two hours from the time you scan your recommend until the time you exit the temple, not counting the time you spent commuting to the temple.  Not to make excuses for anyone, but we’re a busy generation and we don’t always have 120 minutes to string together.  However, unlike an endowment session, you don’t have to be present when the sealing session begins and many temples will allow you to reflect in the celestial room after the session if that is something that interests you.

Sometimes, the Sealer Gives You Stories

Sometimes, those stories are told to the group that has gathered to act as proxies.  Between ordinances, some sealers will share bits of wisdom from the decades they’ve spent studying and living the gospel, and most of them would love for you to learn from their experience. Sometimes, if you tell them you’re single, they’ll give you a name or two of other singles they know.  And, maybe it’s just me, but I love a good “sealer tried to set me up” story.  (I have one who has been trying tirelessly since November of 2012, so I’ve got plenty to share.  Just ask.)

It’s a Good Review of Other Covenants

If you listen, really  listen, and ponder the words being said, you can gain a deeper understanding of the promises made by both you and the Lord elsewhere in the temple.  Just as focusing on the words of the sacrament prayers can help you remember the covenants you made at baptism, focusing on the words of the sealing ordinance can help you remember the covenants you made upon receiving your own endowment.

They’ve Been Waiting Even Longer Than You Have

Some single people shy away from sealing sessions because it can feel like a slap in the face or a stab in the back, reminding them of something they’re still hoping for.  One thing that helped me is to remember one thing: I am acting on behalf of another woman.  I may have no idea how long she has been waiting for her eternal marriage to begin, but I am sure she has been waiting longer than I have for mine to begin.  If you’re a millennial, you’ve been waiting less than three full decades.  Some of these couples have been waiting more than three centuries.  How’s that for perspective?

You Can Give More Than You Have

Think about it.  Joseph Smith taught that when we do temple work for the dead, we become “as Saviors on Mount Zion.” (see ch. 41 in the Teachings of the Presidents: Joseph Smith)  All of the other ordinances you must receive for yourself before you can receive them on behalf of someone else.  But the sealing ordinance is different.  You can serve as proxy spouse without ever having been a spouse yourself.  You can be part of the means by which someone is sealed to someone they love for all eternity. That blessing which I’m sure you would love to have in your own life is one that you can help give to someone else.

And, here’s a bonus reason to do proxy sealings whether you’re single or not: think of how much love those persons will have for you. Assuming they have accepted all of the work done on their behalf, they will be eternally grateful for the time that you spent helping them. So, when you’re feeling down and out, maybe unappreciated, remember all of the people who have accepted work you have done on their behalf.  They want you to make it to the celestial kingdom so they can thank you personally for the greatest gift of all: the opportunity to be with their family forever.

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