The Millennial Mormon Guide to New Year’s Resolutions

As we trudge bright-eyed into the new year, obligatory goals and resolutions will start forming into lists that will guilt us for the duration of 2015. Those of us who are guilty of making these resolutions, and failing to keep them, always feel like resolving to do anything for the new year is a worthless venture. But, as many studies have been done about goal setting and the effect it has on long term success, setting these resolutions and sticking to them can only help. So, we put our heads together and have compiled a list of resolutions for the Millennial Mormon in all of us.


I’m so excited for this upcoming year. I have a love of planners and pens, so the prospect of choosing a new planner for 2015 was an embarrassingly exciting venture. I began researching planners a few months ago. I had always used a Moleskine planner, but felt like switching it up this year. I had heard a lot about a new planner in English that was coming out of Japan so of course I researched the crap out of it and made the leap. My Hobonichi arrived in early December to much anticipation and fanfare. While I am excited to use my new Hobonichi, my suggestion is to make it a goal to use a planner this year. It’s one way to stay on top of assignments and goals throughout 2015.


The reason so many people fail to keep up on their goals, or don’t even bother to make them in the first place, is because they set such lofty ones to begin with. If you set the goal that you’ll buy a Bentley this year, there is a slight chance you’ll come up short. I don’t know why, but we just don’t do very well with failure. If we say we will do something and we begin to fail, we tend to just give up completely. Don’t say you’re going to win a body building competition when you can’t even bench your own weight. Make goals that will stretch you, but are still attainable if you work.


Our generation is at war with Oreos and Taco Bell, and we are losing. The foods this generation reaches for are usually not the healthiest. While natural and organic foods and supplements are becoming increasingly more mainstream and popular, millennials need to start looking for these options in the new year. For anyone overweight, 2015 is the year you’re going to slim down and feel better about yourself. If you’re not ready to workout to lose weight, look for natural and healthy weight loss options. Start somewhere, and work to improve.


Guys and gals, it’s 2015. It’s time we make our spirits the priority. Goals and best practices that friends of mine have had might be good to try this year. Listen to talks while you get ready in the morning, morning and evening scriptures and prayer (obs), try listening to scriptures on your commute, etc. Attend the temple every week. If you’re endowed, ask about serving in your local temple. Fun fact: working in the temple is one calling you can request. If you are looking for the windows of heaven to pour out continuous blessings on you in 2015, work in the temple. It’s evident that our generation needs more spiritual nourishment than previous generations, and we are blessed with tools to do it.

Regardless of what your goals are, set some. Look back on them every Sunday, write them on your mirror in sharpie or something, but pay attention to them. 2015 can be the year you change or improve, but that choice is up to you.


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