Stop Worshipping Beyonce

Once upon a time the grammy’s happened and everyone was really excited. Then Beyonce came on and everyone lost their minds and forgot about JESUS CHRIST THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR.

Reminiscent of the Children of Israel of old, many lost souls are prone to celebrity worship, or as I like to call it, IDOLATRY. However, unlike those guys stuck in the desert for 40 years, our generation worships something much more fabulous than a golden calf. We worship Queen Bae, or as she is better known to her more devout followers, BEYSUS.

This name, which plays off the name of a man who came to earth to atone for everyone’s sins and make sure they can get back to heaven, is just one evidence that idol worship is popular once again. Please enjoy these 23 evidences that prove we need to stop worshiping BEYSUS.

Jesus just favorited that tweet to remember later.

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