How To Stand In Holy Places In The Digital Age

It’s hard to stand for what you believe when the internet makes it so easy to disengage and remain neutral on the various topics of the day. You can unfollow, unfriend, and otherwise just scroll past any content you disagree with. Couple this with our generation’s growing inclination for indifference to moral relativism and we have ourselves a perfect storm.

How can we stand for something from the cozy comfort of our snuggies? How can we stand in holy places when most of our lives are lived in the digital world? Better yet, how can we create a holy place where we can start making a stand? We have gathered a few suggestions to help in this battle.


1. Prayer and Scripture Study Are Essential

A member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can not hope to survive in this dispensation without the protection, nourishment, and guidance offered by consistent and constant scripture study and prayer. The places you reside, your bedroom, apartment, office cubicle, etc, can all become holy places when you choose to invite the spirit to attend you. Never, ever forget the importance of learning and knowing through the Holy Ghost. It’s a more powerful tool to us than I think we ever realize.


2. Educate Yourself on Doctrine and the Hot Topics of the Day, and use the Spirit to do so

The church finds itself in the eye of the media more often than it used to. The “Mormon Moment” may have lost steam, but we will continue to receive attention as the world slowly drifts from the standards we align ourselves with. It has become imperative that every member understand what the the issues are, and what our stance is on them. Whether it’s gay marriage, the ordination of women, abortion, or other various topics, Saints need to know the right answers, and the right answers are always those inspired by God. In order to stand in a holy place, and not just dither, we need to be sure and determined to shine our light on these issues. Learn about them, and be firm in the truth of their correctness.


3. Make Your Social Media Accounts Holy Places

As I mentioned earlier, it is increasingly difficult to stand in a holy place since most of the places we spend our time are on the internet. Even though my “wall” and twitter feed are not actual places, I can still make them holy.

We can unfollow people who regularly post degrading or immoral content. Many people don’t feel comfortable deleting friends on Facebook (a skill I personally excel at). But if someone is sharing content you find undesirable, you can easily remove that person from your News Feed. The friendship remains in tact, but you no longer receive their content. The same works with Twitter. There are some fantastic mute features that let you mute certain people, words, phrases, or #hashtags. Once you’ve removed anything offensive, you can make your space a holy one by changing the way you post. Post uplifting messages, comment constructively, and share the gospel openly. Doing these things will allow you to make the place you spend 50% of your time more holy.


4. Turn Your Phone Into A Tool For Good

Cell phones are both a gift and a curse for Latter-day Saints. We are far too addicted to their use in general, and it’s incredibly spiritually numbing.

Every moment we’re on our phones we are only a few pokes and prods of our finger away from pornography and other vices and evils. We are an equal number of clicks away from the words of the Lord and His prophets. Make your phone a holy space. Change your background to a temple or a picture of Christ, move the LDS Scriptures app forward to your most busy screen. Get crazy and make it a permanent member of your iPhone’s docked apps.

I have friends who have messages, scriptures, or other quotes written or DIYed onto their phone cases. Sadly, for many of us, the companionship of our iPhone is more certain than the companionship of the Spirit. With a few easy tips, our phones can become an extension and tool of the spirit in blessing our lives and others.


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