A Post About The Best Thing Ever

Best thing ever

As I get onto Pinterest to look at funny things and get my LAWLZ on, I notice a phrase used over and over to describe the pins I’m looking at. “Best Thing Ever”. A quick search of this phrase on Pinterest leads to, what I can only assume is, all of the Best Things Ever.

A funny tweet from Taco Bell is the Best Thing Ever.

A list of 42 life lessons taught by Mean Girls is the Best Thing Ever.

A YouTube video about how Hogwarts was founded is the Best Thing Ever.

A recipe for crockpot chocolate cake is the Best Thing Ever.

And so on.

I’m not gonna lie, I have been at fault for using this phrase myself. We seem to be living in a time where anything that pleases us, or brings us pleasure in that moment, becomes the “best thing ever”. A funny tweet, a list, a video, and a recipe are all the “best” for as long as we’re readings, watching, or eating that thing.

When it’s over, we search for the next best thing. The next thing that will obviously be given the title of best thing ever. Emphasis on the “ever”. I think that’s very telling of our generation. Let me explain why.

My peers are mostly moral relativists. They thrive on this concept that morals, good and bad, are completely dependent on culture, time, location, religion, race, etc. BUT, when they look for something funny, or a recipe, or a video, they search for the “best”. That word denotes it being superior to other videos or recipes, or tweets. They don’t search for a “chocolate cake recipe that is good by my standards, but not objectively good because the last thing I want to do is eat a cake that claims it’s better than another cake because that could offend said other cake”.

We crave so deeply to know the best things. We want to find those things that are the best, and we want them to be the best forever. While some might consciously believe in relative truth, they sure strive to find the Best. Things. Ever.

Well, I  think I’ll let y’all in on a little secret. I know what the best thing ever is. It can’t be found in a tweet. It isn’t found on a list of Mean Girl life lessons. You won’t see it being sorted into a house at Hogwarts, and you certainly won’t be able to pin it to your “Get In My Belly” board on Pinterest.

The Best Thing Ever is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

There is absolutely nothing you can find on earth, put in a crock pot, or capture in a youtube video that can fully describe the Gospel.

It is amazing.

It is saving.

It is simple.

It is complex beyond measure.

It is worth knowing.

And I promise you, it is the Best Thing Ever to happen to woman or man.


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