Nice Girl Syndrome (NGS): A Worldwide Epidemic


Nice Girl Syndrome (NGS) was first diagnosed by Adam in the Garden of Eden when he asked Eve on a date and she said, “Wow thank you! I’m flattered you would think of me”. It is a form of communication in which a romantically uninterested woman fails to communicate effectively. Cases have been found in approximately 3.7 billion females throughout the world and is responsible for around 375,498,329,490,123 awkward moments. Most severe cases result in heartbreak.


Primary symptoms of NGS include:

  • The inability to say no
  • Saying yes to dates indefinitely, but acting shocked when the male attempts to hold the female’s hand
  • Taking 6+ hours to respond to a text message, yet always responding to each one.

Rare cases lead to incessant apology of the female after the male and female enjoy an evening of interlaced fingers or extensive contact of the lips. The apologies center on the female’s indecisiveness and inability to know what is wanted, yet not wanting to hurt the male’s self-confidence.

Effects of NGS are mostly found in the males. NGS will cause males to chase a female for extensive periods of time, sometimes indefinitely. The male will also never address the romantic status of the relationship for fear of misreading the signals of the female and losing her friendship entirely. Therefore, cases of NGS can affect males for months and even years. This time is filled with periods of hope, followed by periods of despair – depending on the signals of the female.

Treatments & Prevention

Fortunately, a single treatment has been developed that is proven to be nearly 100% effective at curing NGS.

When a female communicates clear and concise romantic interest or disinterest, the male gives equal consent and moves on – eventually.


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