New Emojis Make It Easier To Share Goodness

Apple just released its 8.3 iOS update which adds various new bug fixes, and a great new feature: More Emojis!! If you don’t know what emojis, you are lost and are past helping. If you do know what they are, then you should be excited! With the update, Apple has added a few new emojis which have created an overall more inclusive set of options for people looking to text each other images.

Here at Millennial Mormons, we realized the great importance of these new emojis and have provided some great ways you an incorporate them into your sharing goodness.

FullSizeRender 7

What better way to tell your friends about the announcement of new temples than with an image of an old man which is probably the prophet or some general authority?


When your awesome friend messages you about the new temples, you can send back your own emoji with the diverse and correct people for the new temple areas. This is one aspect of the emojis that people are especially excited about. The Church gave blacks the priesthood in 1978, but it took Apple till 2015 for them to have their own emoji. Who is behind the times now?!??

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When your friend comes out to you about their Same Sex Attraction (gayness) you can respond lovingly with the proper emojis. They now have alternative families too so your aunt and her “friend” can have their one emoji. Yay inclusivity!!

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This is such a proud moment for all those millennials out there looking to tell their friends about their mission calls, but not having the correct flag to do so. Apple has just added several new flags to their list. Every missionary to ever serve in Finland is absolutely innoissaan!!!

FullSizeRender 4

The German flag was probably already there, but now you can become even more giddy when President Uchtdorf speaks! #SilverFox

FullSizeRender 6

When your family finally plans to get sealed to all the kids your parents foster parented then adopted in 2013, you will have all the perfectly diverse emojis to describe the joy that is found in eternal families.

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When crazy people stand up in General Conference to cast votes of dissent, you can show just how much you sustain our Prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and you can do it with your own skin color. #GlobalChurch #ISustain

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And finally, when you turn 29 years old, you can send the right message to your friends letting them know that Jesus loves them infinitely and eventually they’ll get married, but that in the mean time here are some cats.

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