Should Mormon NFL Players Play On Super Bowl Sunday?

The answer to the question about LDS NFL players playing on the sabbath is an easy one to answer. The answer is YES.

There are likely some people who might question the ethics and testimony of members who choose to play in the Super Bowl on Sunday instead of attending to their callings in the nursery or primary that day. Obviously any anger at a member for choosing to play on Sunday is misguided and unfortunate.

The argument against them might be formed to say they have a choice, that they could choose not to play on Sunday, that they should be an example to kids and teens about the importance of keeping the sabbath holy, regardless of the consequences. This argument is deeply flawed.

Members who are part of NFL teams are under contracts that require them to play in scheduled games. If an LDS member happens to be on a team that plays on Sundays, including Super Bowl Sunday, they are required to show up. The NFL doesn’t consist of private club teams full of 10 year-olds, who’s parents can object to a Sunday game and instead drag their kid to church. NFL teams certainly aren’t rec teams of old men that get together on Sundays to play flag pick-up games.

LDS members who play on NFL teams headed to the Super Bowl are employees of multi-million dollar powerhouses. They might be playing a game, but it’s also their career. When one has an obligation to their work on the most IMPORTANT DAY of their career, one can hardly shirk that responsibility. These players are playing for an income, a lifestyle, and the means to support their families.

So, to make the answer even more clear than has already been stated, yes, Mormon NFL players should absolutely play in the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Deseret News has compiled a lovely history of Mormons who have gone to the Super Bowl. Check it out.

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