This Is Your Mid-February Kick In The Butt

Yes. It’s February, and what’s worse, it’s mid-February which means Valentine’s day is over, but it’s not actually spring yet. As Seasonal Affective Disorder continues to take it’s toll on our psyches, it is very likely that you, like me, are suffering from the mid-winter blues. School sucks, grades suck, your personal, emotional, spiritual, and physical lives all suck. So, it’s time for some real talk from your incredibly blunt friend Blake at 1:25 in the morning. Here we go.

Take Your Days One At a Time

Please stop stressing. You’ll get an ulcer, or worse, wrinkles. Take each day as a separate one. Think about what you have planned that day. If you need a lot of help getting through the day, micro-manage your schedule. Plan out your shower, meals, commutes, homework time, work, breaks, meals, etc. I said meals twice because food is amazing and calories don’t count when you’re sad. Whatever you need to get through each day, do it. And don’t dwell on the tomorrows, because they’ll be here soon enough.

Go To Church You Lazy Pile

One of the easiest and most Law of Moses-esque ways to get blessings is paying tithing and going to Church. Just show up. If that’s all you can muster at this point, we can work with that. Start there and get better. If you already go to Church then do you’re home and visiting teaching. If you do that then do it twice in a month and really get to know the people you have stewardship over. If you’re a guy in a YSA ward, go and actually home teach your guys. We need you too. So anyway, go to church so your church doesn’t become the one Hozier sings about.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up About Mistakes

You messed up. Again. You know what you did, and you said you wouldn’t do it again, but you did. You prayed for help. You asked for strength and divine help in acting a different way, but you screwed up. Here is a bit of advice from one professional sinner to others: please don’t let it destroy you. How the heck are you going to move forward, apply the atonement of Christ, and do better if you can’t forgive yourself enough to ask for forgiveness? In my experience, much of my lack of repentance has come from not feeling worthy to repent or pray. That is shame, ladies and gents. Pay it no heed. Just get on your knees and say what I usually say, “Dear Heavenly Father, I suck”, then do better. He’s got you, no worries.

Don’t Get Out Of Bed Until You’ve Prayed

Before you even dare check your overnight Instagram updates, or get your hopes up that you missed a text from someone (anyone), say you’re prayers. Half-slither out of your warm and cozy nest of a bed so your head and face are still under the covers, connect your knees with the floor, and offer up your best garbled prayer to Heavenly Father. While it would be more ideal to be even semi-conscious when opening your day with the Lord, at this point we’re just trying to get some points for effort and participation. The key, again, is make this the first thing you do every morning. It’ll do wonders for your day, I promise.

Get Your Spiritual “On” Somehow

Walking to campus or class? Driving? Commuting to work? Enjoying the baby’s nap? These are all SPLENDID times to whip out the trusty LDS Library app to read some scriptures. If that is too difficult, you can actually listen to them being read to you. If you lack even the attention for that, listen to a talk on your phone via the same app. Again, ideally we should be studying the scriptures and feasting on the words of Christ. But this is mid-February and we’re just trying to survive. Some mornings you can’t feast on the words of Christ, so just grab a granola bar version and listen to a talk on the way out. Even the little things will be significant to your day.


Get a blessing. Your choices should include your priesthood leader, someone spiritual whom you respect, a close friend, or your home teachers. Even if you don’t know your home teachers very well, there is an added blessing by asking them since they are given stewardship over you. I did it once and it was sorta weird, but I gained a tremendous respect for them and the priesthood during that moment. Blessings can be absolutely incredible and powerful things. Consider getting one so you can make it thought all the difficulties brought on by the season and time of year.

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