His Love

I highfive my roomates when they date the girl of their dreams,
But my dream isn’t like theirs; its not something they can see…
People wonder why I don’t date, but there isn’t much I can share.
I am different. God gave me a heart that likes my own gender.
But, the man I love the most is my Lord and Savior.
It is for Him I lay aside all my wants and desires.
It is Him that picks them up, and raises me higher
Higher than I can see, higher than I can breathe,
Through Him, I will gain my fondest dream-

I dream of walking back to the presence of the Father
Unspotted from the world, in the arms of the Maker.
He will ask me what I’ve given to follow the way,
And I will respond: everything, so I can stand in this day.
But He who truly gave was the Redeemer of the World,
Who gave blood, soul, life, and love
Who dreamed of us and in love with us all,
Man and woman
Without being loved back.

Will I have a family?
I don’t know, but I can testify
Jesus the Master, to His servants, will supply.
Perhaps there will be a woman that loves Christ more than me
And He will ask me to marry her, and her to wed to me.
He has done greater miracles than this,
And if there is a love I believe in,
I believe in His.

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