Jesus Follows You On Twitter

I know I can’t be the only one to send a tweet, or a text, or a Facebook post in the hopes that someone would realize it’s a cry for help and reach out. I know I can’t be the only one to encrypt a post just enough to make it sound like sarcasm, or cynicism, or frustration when really it’s a white flag of surrender. I know I’m not the only one who has felt alone or depressed, and reached out to social media in hopes that someone would reach back.

I know I’m not alone in this.

As I, and those like me, muddle through life we express our frustration in various ways. Whether it be on social media, or a text to a friend, or in something healthy like running or journaling, we seek ways to express it. What we often times forget is the one person we can always bring our heartaches to— Christ.

When we send out our secret messages onto Twitter, we hope so hard, and sometimes even pray, that someone will respond. There have been times in my life when I have sent a tweet, and prayed someone would realize how lonely I was and help; That someone would see through the 140 characters of sarcasm-soaked pleas I send out online. Sadly, those responses never come. It feels like of the thousand plus followers I have, not one person follows closely enough to actually see whats happening.

But of course this isn’t true. After all Jesus follows us on Twitter.

He doesn’t do it in the literal sense. He doesn’t favorite your best moments, or retweet your jokes. He doesn’t “like” our pages or posts. He doesn’t comment, “Great Smile #NoFilter” on your Instagram pics. And He doesn’t screen shot your crazy antics on Snapchat so He can smile at them later.

He doesn’t need to be on social media to know you, because He died for you.

He knows exactly what your cynical hashtag #ForeverAlone really means. He watches you delete your Facebook post when it doesn’t get enough likes. He knows how many filters you went through on Instagram before you found one that made you think you looked “enough”.

Not only that, he watched you delete draft after draft of text messages to the people you love when you were hurting. He saw you and empathized with you when you saw your friends having a good time without you. He sent His Spirit to comfort you when the “FOMO” became overwhelming.

He loves you so much.

As we continue to trudge through the difficulties of this life, He watches. He not only watches though. He carries us. He lifts and supports us. His spirit speaks words of calm to the whirlwind of our minds. While He may not be Twitter Verified, and while we may not see him logged in on Facebook, He is there. We can’t count him in our followers on Twitter, but He has always been our greatest one.

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