How to Use Social Media for General Conference

It’s conference time again, and we all know what that means: tons of listicles and “how tos” for getting the most out of GC. Obviously this  one is the best you can find because it deals directly with social media and spreading the gospel. So, here is your list of “how tos” to make the most of the Mormon Social Media Movement.


If you don’t have Twitter, you need to immediately get one. Here is a link to do so. Twitter during #LDSConf is a real treat. It’s a tremendous opportunity to be sharing goodness, finding new people to follow, and reading great perspectives. So, when you tweet for General Conference, make sure to use the hashtag #LDSConf. This categorizes your tweet so that it becomes searchable on Twitter. Also, it helps the hashtag become a national trending topic.

PRO TIP: Pro users will want to download Tweetdeck on their computers, create a column for #LDSConf, and watching the tweets come streaming in live.


Instagram is obviously a visual social media channel. When looking to use Insta to share your feelings about #LDSConf, please get as creative as you want. If you like to take visual notes, use the hashtag #ConferenceDoodles. You can find great hand lettered quotes and drawings that depict the many words of prophets and apostles. If you have memes or pictures, feel free to just tag those with #LDSConf. While Insta is great, make sure you’re also sharing those images to Twitter and Facebook to get the most out that goodness.

PRO TIP: Download the app OVER on the iPhone. Great app that lets you overlay text on photos to create your own quote images.


Facebook is great, but don’t get crazy. Too many posts can get overwhelming, so be easy on the Conference posts. Share a funny meme, or a moment that really clicked for you. But that’s honestly it. Don’t do too much over the weekend.


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