Giving Adoption a Good Rap: An Adoption Music Video

This very cute family sent us this email and it was just way too cute not to post. Learn about them and their journey to adopt.


Ever heard of an Adoption Music Video??? Well neither had we. For the past 2 years my husband and I have been trying to adopt. Adoption can be tough for so many reasons. With the recent Church announcement that they will be covering the cost of couples to post on the adoption.comwebsite it is an exciting time in the adoptive world, and we are actively working to get our profile on the website. Currently we are facing the reality that we are one of tens of thousands prospective parents hoping to adopt. In such a crowd how do we define ourselves? How do we create a unique message? We made a website, but thousands of couples have their websites. We passed out over 500 business cards, mostly to random strangers whom we struck up a



conversation with. We sent out 250 Christmas cards to old high school/ college buddies that we cyber stalked to find their current contact info. But we felt we needed something more. Something that would be unique, get our message out and something people would want to share. We decided to make an Adoption Music Video. We picked a song, wrote down some lyrics and even wrote a script for the video. However, we soon found out that neither of us could rap. I contacted a former student of mine and asked him to help rap it out. The result is Our Savage Family Adoption Music Video. Enjoy, we put so much effort and love into making it.

Learn about them and their journey to adopt.

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