From Golden Plates to Silver Screen


In Fall 2018, the first part of the Book of Mormon video series will be made available to the public.
Over the next six years, the Church will be filming up to 140 videos depicting around 60% of the Book of Mormon. The script will be accurate, but some additional dialogue will be added to keep the films from becoming awkward and choppy

The Church is going all out with regards to accuracy and theatrical value. In addition to those already cast, the 2017 cast will have an additional 150 extras, five camels, four donkeys, goats, sheep, and horses. Most of the filming will take place at LDS Studios along with various other North American locations.

This video series isn’t the first film adaptation of the Book of Mormon. In 2003, “The Book of Mormon Movie Part 1” was released to meh fanfare. (It was produced by a third party.) Since then, there has been a constant call for the Church to create a BOM video series similar to the Life of Christ videos.

The Church is hoping the videos “will bring people closer to God and Jesus Christ, help them understand the doctrines taught in this book of scripture and inspire people to live better lives.”

“This would never replace reading from the Book of Mormon,” said Blair Treu, who is directing the first two episodes. “We want these [videos] to be entertaining. We want these to be engaging. It’s just that there’s a different goal in mind. We’re trying to communicate a very important story with iconic characters that we all know and love, and we’re trying to do that in a way that reaches people.”

“We are producing, directing and acting in such a way that we hope the videos draw people to the book to read in more depth what they have seen,” said Elder Kim B. Clark of the Seventy.

“This project has really brought the scriptures more to life,” expressed producer Aaron Merrell. “These events happened to real people. They went through these real hard times, real challenges, real experiences. It’s just fantastic to see it all come together, to see the crew working so hard, the cast performing so well. There’s just a lot of passion and love for the project.”

Facts you can use to impress a date, or your Bishop:

1) As with most Church videos, they will be filmed in English but also translated into numerous languages.

2) Production will take around six years

3) Will be a valuable asset to full-time missionaries and ward missionaries.

4) 180 episodes of around 3-5 minutes, 60 episodes of 10-20 minutes

5) Will be available in your LDS Library app so you can watch when standing in line at Cafe Rio.


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