Elder’s Quorum President Disfellowshipped for Comparing Loading of Moving Truck to Jenga


Outrage spread quickly as ward members learned that an Elders Quorum President departed from the norm and referred to that packing of a moving truck as “Reverse Jenga.”

The Incident

Last Saturday morning, 8 volunteers from the Zilker Park Ward in Austin, Texas gathered to help the Burns Family to pack their moving truck for a cross-country move. The packing  progressed normally with the standard failed attempts at an “assembly line” from inside the house to the truck. As is normally expected the one volunteer who wears a weight belt instructed the other volunteers in proper dolly operation.

But controversy struck when former Elder’s Quorum President, Brent Hardy, sent a follow-up thank you email which reads, in part:

“Thanks all for the hard work at the Burn’s move today. That was the craziest game of “Reverse Jenga” I’ve ever seen! I can’t believe we got that truck door closed…”

One recipient of the e-mail, who asked not to be named, is quoted as saying, “I had to read it 3 times to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Tetris. We call packing a truck Tetris. Why invent your own terms when the doctrine speaks for itself? I mean 3D Tetris, fine, Mega Tetris, okay, but it always has to do with Tetris.”

Not The First Sign

Another volunteer, Ryan McIntrye says this isn’t the first action incident that has raised eyebrows in the quorum. “We always knew something was a little ‘off.’ I remember when his family moved in we helped him unload the truck and he provided muffins and granola bars for snacks. Is it that hard to just stick to donuts or pizza? What are you trying to prove, man?”

Though these incidents are extremely rare, they are not without precedent. Orrin Westford was excommunicated in 1847 for a similar incident while packing his covered wagon to emigrate to the Salt Lake Valley. While packing he said, “Man alive! This is the darndest jigsaw puzzle that Old Scratch ever devised!” Several reports claim that upon hearing the statement his wife fainted. Orrin Westford was later re-baptized and accepted into full fellowship after wholly embracing Tetris as the only true packing comparison.

Brent Hardy could not be reached for comment, but family members claim that he is extremely remorseful for being so careless with his words and would take it back if he could.