Church Speaks on Religious Freedom and Nondiscrimination

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held a public news conference to discuss the ever rampant issues of nondiscrimination and their effects on religious freedom. Present at the conference were Sister Marriott, and Elders Christofferson, Oaks, and Holland.

The main focus of this conference was to speak on the rising popularity of laws and attitudes that support LGBT rights, but which also diminish religious freedom. The LDS church is staunchly and resolutely in favor of LGBT protections from discrimination in the work place, housing, and public services. They are, however, concerned with the levels of discrimination being volleyed at them from the public and media regarding their unchanging policies regarding gay marriage.

The LDS Church believes sexual relations are not to happen outside of marriage, and are only to be held between a woman and a man in the bonds of marriage. They stated that Christ was able to maintain his standards of law and mercy, while also serving and helping those groups who were marginalized by society.

The purpose of the conference was to state clearly the Church’s intent to continue supporting protection of LGBT members from discrimination, while also asking the public and government to emphasis more respect and protection for religious freedom.

The full conference can be viewed here.

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