Church Receives Revelation Regarding Color of Dress

The Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter-day Saints has released a statement regarding the much discussed argument regarding the color of a certain dress.

“There have been many issues in the church’s history that we have chosen to steer clear of,” said Elder D. Todd Christofferson, apostle in the church. “This issue of the dress color caused quite the stir in our meetings, and we knew we needed to petition the Lord for an answer.”

Elder Holland stated, “I was fairly certain the dress was black and blue from the beginning, but many of the others disagreed.”

“I was quite sure the dress was white,” said Elder Oaks, “but then I also could see black and blue. It was quite the interesting situation!”

It is reported, that after much prayer, an afternoon of fasting, and a few angelic messengers, the brethren were able to discern the true color and nature of the dress.

“Oh yes, the dress is certainly black and blue,” said Elder Packer. “No doubt about that.”

With the matter closed, and heated arguments cooling, the brethren are now working on the next great issue of this generation– what to do now that Parks and Rec is over.

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