Cheers to Eternity: Book Review


I received a review copy of Al Carraway’s new book and within one day I’d read over 50%. While I am a fast reader, that isn’t why I’d read so much. I read so much because it’s SO GOOD.

Al and Ben Carraway don’t pretend to be the model couple with everything sorted out. They tell it like it is in their intimate new book ‘Cheers to Eternity’. And I’m all kinds of in love with that.

‘Author of the bestseller More Than the Tattooed Mormon, Al Carraway and her husband, Ben, remind you that marriage isn’t supposed to be “serious and hard.” A successful marriage is one that you build as a team—emphasizing constant communication, working through hard times together, and (above all) remembering to put God first.’

Getting Real

Here’s my favorite quote from this whole book, just for reference-

Ben: Yes, you did, no lie! So I immediately thought, Man this girl wants me bad. And you couldn’t resist!

Al: That’s ridiculous; who let him tell the story here? This is an inaccurate portrayal of how we met.

It’s not just sterling life advice, spiritual guidance or secret insider knowledge (all of which are in this book by the handful) but, it’s funny. I laughed out loud in the cafe I was reading this in over a hot chocolate, because it’s so REAL.

Like most of us, I love Al and pretty much everything she does. I’d have a house full of her signs and pillows if I wasn’t a poor millennial. I buy her journals for birthday presents for everyone and I drool over her outfits. However, as someone married to a non-member I was a little hesitant to start this book. I thought it would be akin to the talks we sometimes hear about how a temple marriage with five well-behaved children is the only way. This often makes a lot of us feel like our family isn’t the ‘right’ kind of family.

Worry not, Al and Ben never once made me feel that way! They talk of dating, marriage and families in a way that applies to everyone, no matter what our dynamic looks like in an informal style that made me feel like I was sat right there in the kitchen with them, Gracie and Christian’s movie playing loudly in the background as we discussed first dates and arguments.

Funny, Yet Direct

‘Using a wonderfully open dialogue, the Carraways share the funny, the embarrassing, and honest lessons and struggles that have shaped their life together.’

There are passages of direct and combined thoughts on the chapter’s subject, interspersed by conversations between the couple on their own individual opinions and experiences. Consequently, This style really works well to make this heavy topic a little lighter and easier to digest. Less like my mother telling me ‘Never go to bed angry’ and more like my friend saying ‘Dude, is this even worth arguing about? Let’s just get tacos’ It’s all very real, couples argue about dumb stuff, all the time! But, through their experiences, their faith and the guidance they’ve had from those around them the couple are able to provide some really great insights and strategies to getting back to a peaceful household. I’ll definitely be employing some of them the next time we fight over where to eat dinner.

Written for All

‘Written for singles, newlyweds, and marriage veterans, Cheers to Eternity will help you bring new insights into your relationships, keep life in perspective, and make the rest of your life here and in eternity exciting, amazing, and meaningful’.

Wait, fear not singletons. This ones for you too, there are definitely some things I wish I’d known before I was married. I got married at 19 and while it was amazing, it was also pretty tough. I know what it’s like to get married young. Al and Ben discuss their dating life, which is a pretty interesting story in itself, how they knew they’d found ‘the one’. And they also shared what they did to ensure their relationship started off on the right foot.

All in all, Cheers to Eternity is both a great resource and just a great read!

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