ADVICE: “I Deleted the LDS Library App for iOS 8. Am I a Bad Mormon?”

“I just deleted the LDS Library app from my iPhone so I could download iOS 8. Am I a bad Mormon?”- sincerely, latterdayzapplelovr

The short answer is no, LatterDayAppleLover. While you may need to talk to your bishop about this transgression, I don’t foresee Moroni giving you the stink eye when you get to heaven. I completely understand. I won’t judge you for deleting the application that holds the words of living and dead apostles. The app that holds the complete gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Saviour, and Redeemer. The app that, before you deleted it, held the most correct of any book, the Book of Mormon. The application that housed the record of the Nephites and Lamanites, the record that Moroni spent years avoiding war and genocide to finish compiling for you. Nah. I won’t judge you for it. I mean, iOS 8 DOES HAVE that cool texting feature, so it wasn’t a completely unequal trade.

But let’s get down to brass tacks here. Yeah you deleted the LDS library app, but didn’t get rid of Snapchat. I totally get it. Think about how much goodness you can share with your enlightened and uplifting selfies! Your snapchat story is sure to bring more souls to the church than those silly scriptures ever did!

Remember, this transgression doesn’t have to define you. If you will open your scriptures to 3rd Nephi chap– Oh wait…. Yeah, no this defines you completely. I doubt the atonement can fully cover this type of sin… Good Luck with those new customizable keyboards though!

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