8 Little Ways To Spread The Gospel Through Social Media


In a world in which we’re spending 30% of our online time using social media there are daily – even hourly – opportunities to spread the joy of the gospel without being that annoying ‘preachy’ friend. Here’s a couple tips on how you can spread the gospel today!

1. Photos

We all know that photos grab our attention on social media more than any other post. We look to the photo first and then scroll back to the caption. That’s a great opportunity to spread happiness and love in a passive way. Post photos of your scripture marking, hanging out with other members at activities, outside the temple or chapel, your Sunday outfit…the possibilities are endless! Make your captions short. A great way to do this is to use some of the more ‘generic’ uplifting quotes from conferences. Graphics of quotes work great too and there are millions all over Pinterest!

2. Sneak a Link

When someone helps your out through an act of service, you’re at a missionary party or when you’re celebrating a new calling…just add a sneaky link to the bottom of your regular post to a relevant article or page. People are naturally curious about what they don’t understand, and it won’t be long before someone clicks through.

3. Use Terminology

Don’t be afraid to use some ‘Mormon lingo’ or even scriptural references. At first I shied away from this and would dumb down my posts for my non-member friends, I realised that all I was doing was taking way some of the value of those moments and denying my friends the opportunity to ask questions and learn.

4. Videos

I don’t necessarily mean the (sometimes stuffy) traditional church videos from 1980whenever. They are a valuable resource, but not super attractive to the general public. And even though Mormon.org puts out great web content, there’s still more we can draw from. I’m talking more about YouTube videos from the likes of Studio C, James The Mormon and 3mormons. They’re a similar format to what we’re used to seeing online which makes it much more likely that friends will watch.

5. Stick to Your Values

Did you know that most social media sites will show your friends posts and pages you have liked or commented on? This works both ways, liking this post (hint hint) will show up on your friends’ feeds, letting them know that this is something you’re interested in. On the flip side, however, liking a degrading photo will show your friends that you’re interested in that, too. Be aware that social media is public – stick to what you know is morally sound.

6. List It

Fill in your ‘about me’ section, list your religion and add the Church’s social media pages to your interests section. A small thing that can make a big difference.

7. Be Open

Talk about the gospel! Answer questions, ask questions, voice opinions and share messages of love. Stay clear of arguments about interpretations of the gospel, especially in public comment sections – we all know by now that you should never read the comments.

8. Be You

Your friends added you for a reason, they already love who you are! Being a Latter-day Saint is part of that, so just be the best you that you can be.

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