3 Tips for Getting to Church on Time with Little Ones

Are you constantly late for church? Even when you have 1PM church are you still struggling to get out of the door on time with your kids? Do you constantly struggle on Sunday morning between the fights, missing shoe and black hole that sucks your time away in the morning? I’ve been there. In fact most of the time I am still there. Here are 3 simple tips to help you and your kids make it to church on time all while keeping your sanity.

1. Have your kids sleep in their church clothes.

This is for those of us in “survival mode,” not for those who are anti-wrinkle perfectionists. If this doesn’t work for you, at least lay all the clothes out and braid the little girl’s hair the night before. Socks separated, shoelaces loosened, any little bit helps!

2. Eat breakfast in the car on the way there.

Try granola bars or bananas or do an overnight oatmeal that will be all ready when you wake up.

3. Pack your bag the night before and have it waiting by the door.

If you’re like me, you have a hundred different things to pack. You need snacks for different age groups, stashing the best snacks in the hidden pockets of your purse. Remember to grab the different toys, objects, and activities to survive Sacrament meeting. Don’t forget everything you need for your calling, diapers, and probably an extra pair of clothes for your baby, because let’s be honest, there’s a good chance you’ll need them.

Remember: Perfection isn’t the Requirement

Let us remember what really matters. It is not whether your son’s hair is perfectly parted or if he only has one shoe. It doesn’t matter whether your kids are quietly playing with a homemade quiet book, or pulling on the shirt of the person in front of you. What matters is that you are trying YOUR best. Putt your faith into action by going to church even when it sometimes feels like more work than it’s worth.

Elder Uchtdorf encouraged us in his October 2017 General Conference talk, “A Yearning for Home,”

“Those who heed the inner call and seek God, those who pray, believe, and walk the path the Savior has prepared—even if they stumble along the path at times—receive the consoling assurance that “all things shall work together for [their] good. For God ‘gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.’ ‘For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again.'”

When we are wearily stumbling into church 20 minutes late, and we feel anything but our “Sunday best,” I hope we can remember Elder Holland’s words, “The great thing about the Gospel is that we get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed.” And might I add, even when we feel like we haven’t succeeded. Your kids notice your efforts. They recognize how important the Gospel of Jesus Christ and attending your church meetings is to you. Seeing that will help them develop their own testimonies.

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