20 Feelings No One Can Stifle While Listening To “Glorious” by David Archuleta


David Archuleta – former American Idol Runner-up, LDS Heartthrob, and Worthy Return Missionary, released a single called “Glorious” for the Meet The Mormons documentary. You can download it for free here. Here are some things inside of us that we just couldn’t suppress while letting it lovingly caress our earlobes…

1. Sheer awe at how amazing his voice is. (WHO WAS HIS PRIMARY CHORISTER?!)

2. Resentment that your only talents include taking selfies and fitting your thoughts in 140 characters or less. (DOES SHE GIVE LESSONS????)

3. The deep desire to sit next to him at church and just listen to him sing “There Is A Green Hill Far Away”. While seamlessly harmonizing with him. And making unbroken eye contact.

4. The overwhelming urge to put your hand on his mouth and say, “NO DAVID. YOU’RE GLORIOUS.”

5. Intense promptings that he should move to Provo and be your roommate and best friend and you’ll get matching snuggies and take roommate Christmas photos and be home teaching companions and stuff.

6. Unstoppable feels every time he says “it’s like a symphony”.

7. The realization that IT REALLY IS LIKE A SYMPHONY.

8. The need for him to tell you what your piece is in your melody.Or his melody. Whichever.

9. Yup, the secret desire to be a piece in HIS melody.. the piece of best friend forever.

10. The feeling of leaving your body for a moment when the notes DO build.

11. Realizing that no life goal is more important right now than you learning Spanish and traveling to Chile. (WE encanta David Archuleta.)

12. Finally knowing what regret feels like while questioning why you didn’t choose to serve a mission at the same time and in the same place as Elder Archuleta.

13. A new understanding that God’s “greatest gift” may be eternal life, but the second was David Archuleta, and the third was this free song.

14. Wondering how you can let him know that if he can’t find where he belongs, he can always stay at your place.

15. Brainstorming how you can make him become your friend on Twitter.

16. Wondering if it’s the Spirit or David that’s causing a swelling in your bosom.

17. That hurty feeling in your heart.

18. A sudden, unexpected desire to see “Meet the Mormons”. #whut

19. Feeling certain that the piece David was called to play is the hot piece.

20. Knowing that the church is truer than you even imagined.

Let us know what YOU think about this Glorious new single in the comments below. And if anyone knows where we can get in touch with David’s childhood singing teacher, please inform us immediately.

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